Welcome to Skyview Farms, one of the largest Family owned goat farms in Georgia.

Tired of regular mediocre goats? Want something different that will be even more satisfying?

Kikos is the answer, and we have plenty to share!

Interest is increasing in the consistent traits and characteristics of the Kiko. Whether raised Kiko on Kiko, or crossed with other breeds, Kikos bring improvement in profits because of their low maintenance, high rate of growth, resistance and tolerance to parasites, excellent maternal instincts, ease of kidding, vigor of newborn kids, and because of the incorporation of milk breeds in the creation of Kiko, an ample milk supply to raise twins that gain quickly to earlier sale weights. These goats are definitely the number one goat around,

Another animal we love to promote is the Anatolian Shepherd. Our Anatolian Shepherds are 100% pure bred and is the ultimate protection canine for your goats. Our Anatolian Shepherds are

already trained and are ready to protect. The size of an average Anatolian Shepherd standing on it’s hind legs is around 6 feet tall! A litter of puppies will be for sale in April of 2010!


Kikos Kikos and more Kikos!

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